Our research solutions and business experience in our markets and services rendered are considered remarkable.
The range of briefs and business challenges we get involved with is broad.
What they have in common is the need for consumer, cultural and strategic expertise to create opportunities for growth.

General Expertise

Martpoint is best known in the market for:

Advertising Research
Brand & Brand Equity Research
Concept Positioning
Corporate Image Research
Customer Satisfaction Studies
Image Studies
Lifestyle & Value Trends
Mystery Shopping
Packaging & Design
Product Development
Public Opinion Research
Segmentation Research
Tracking Studies
Usage & Attitude Studies

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Martpoint has accompanied the development of the Banking Sector in Lebanon since year 2000.
Martpoint acquired thorough insights from banking clientele across the social spectrum

  • Attitudes to banking and banking habits and behavior
  • Needs and habits profile of different customer groups
  • Factors influencing choice of a Bank and main equity drivers
  • Bank related Needs and Aspirations
  • Attitude & Perception to Existing Banks
  • Awareness, Recall & Attitude to Banks’ communication
  • Identifying suitable directions for Future Bank Positioning
  • Banking Cards user ship habits
  • Development of Banking Products & Services
  • Habits and Attitude to Loyalty Programs
  • Expectations and financial needs of SMEs