Consulting Services

Martpoint’s intimate involvement in new product development and brand building, detecting and tending to all markets’ needs and sensitivities, made it evolve into a regional marketing consultancy agency.

Martpoint has tapped into its historical knowledge of industries and insights, and linked this with emerging trends to help launch new concepts and brands that have their own unique and consistent identity.

Brands & Products

At Martpoint we are highly involved in building and enhancing core values of brands, products and services by:

  • Accompanying the development of products, services & brands
  • Understanding functions, benefits, positioning and brand image.
  • Proposing effective communication platforms to enhance core values of products, services and brands.

Teaming With Clients

Martpoint teams up with clients to reach innovative solutions & draw marketing strategies

  • Providing perceptive interpretation and marketing led solutions.
  • Supplying actionable solutions, key to long term brand growth.


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