Consultative services to help identify consumer research needs and implement appropriate methodologies

Almost 30 years of delivering marketing intelligence to clients – developing research in the MENA region through

  • Applying internationally recognized standards and techniques.
  • Adapting culturally relevant methodologies to elicit pertinent responses and meet marketing objectives.
  • Training and developing skills of Arab researchers.
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Qualitative Research

Our core offering is qualitative research. We seek to discover the mind of your customer and gain an understanding of the underlying reasons, opinions, and motivations of your customer base. Our research debriefs always 'tell a story'

Quantitative Research

We seek to discover how many people think, act or feel a particular way and as such this form of research often utilizes large samples ranging in size where respondents are asked the same series of questions.

Social & Opinion Research

We have carried out numerous projects to develop and test interventions and policies, communications materials and social marketing campaigns for a range of organisations across the public and private sectors

Branding & Advertising

Martpoint has comprehensive experience in conducting branding research and advertising tracking. We recognise that each company’s brand is unique and therefore offer a bespoke branding research service.

B2B Research

Specialist expertise in carrying out research projects within business to business markets. We have extensive experience of helping companies in a variety of ways, and our reputation for quality extends to different areas.

Market Intelligence

We gather and analyze specific market information for the purpose of accurate and confident decision-making to determine strategy in areas such as market opportunity, market penetration strategy, and market development.

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At Martpoint we fully understand the complexity of the Middle Eastern consumers, and we analyze dynamism of the regional markets – trends, lifestyles, values, and more.

Our Approach

  • We provide perceptive interpretation and marketing led solutions.
  • We supply actionable solutions, key to long term brand growth.
  • We accumulate rich understanding of cultures and customs; developing effective communication strategies that build bridges between cultures.

As Martpoint proudly holds

  • In-depth knowledge of Arab Households, lifestyles and behavior.
  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of Middle Eastern consumers’ needs and wants.
  • Familiarity and insights of habits, usage and attitude for a variety of product categories and services.

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