Our Story

Martpoint is a member of ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion & Marketing Research) since 1987

Martpoint UK Ltd was founded in London in 1987 to service clients operating in and seeking a better understanding of the Middle East region.
Martpoint Dubai was set up in 1992 to maintain close links with regional & international companies and organizations operating locally.
Martpoint Beirut opened in 1995, and is currently the regional HQ, the coordinating center, servicing the whole MENA region.

Our Operations

Martpoint manages multi-country projects, maintaining central control while sometimes using the services of regional research partners.

The MENA region markets we cover:

LEVANT                   |    Lebanon, Jordan

GCC                            |    Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Yemen

NORTH AFRICA   |    Egypt, Sudan, Morocco

Our Mission

Commitment to quality: specialist boutique agency that prides itself on its long term collaboration with clients, we will always offer hand in hand collaboration and follow-up, participating in and witnessing developments and progresses.

Growth through innovation: coupled with resolve to deliver actionable results.

Knowledge of markets: acquired over 30 years with a thorough understanding of the culture, socioeconomic, business and political fabric of the region’s complex and diverse societies.

Forward looking: in touch with global trends while following regional markets’ progress, thus detecting opportunities and future directions for growth.

Learn More About Our Expertise

Our insight solutions and precise recommendations will create the impact your business needs.

Our Approach

Martpoint is committed to providing high standard research, thus implementing procedures that secure to clients, first hand, information felt on the ground in every country/market where the project is taking place.

  • Researchers travel to control, brief and attend fieldwork
  • Executives are personally involved from start to finish
  • Teams have invaluable knowledge of evolving markets‘ dynamics